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Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Now he must hold Sam together as he faces the toughest challenge of his life Union look to rebound against FC Cincinnati Total Port Arthur, Texas, refinery restarts small crude unit -sources Oxford University staff are to wear BODYCAMS after students 'coughed at them while being rebuked for breaking social distancing rules' Jimmy Barnes claims he was once asked to Van Halen - as he pays tribute to legendary guitarist Eddie after he died of throat cancer aged 65 McSally releases tax returns ahead of Senate debate Phoenix Rising player suspended 6 games for homophobic slur Sister act!


Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie and Pascale Harter. A Spiral of Violence As missiles have rained down on Gaza and on Israel, violence at street level has also been at its worst for years. There have been confrontations between security forces and Palestinians in the West Bank.

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On a far greater scale, Gaza has been under heavy rocket fire as the Israeli Defence Forces struck back against what they identify as control centres for Hamas. Jeremy Bowen weighs up the damage. But the president still has keen backers, who admire his energy and instinct for confrontation. Mark Lowen is just back from Brazil and reflects on Jair Bolsonaro's playbook - and its echoes of another leader whose tactics he knows well.

The of boats carrying migrants keen to reach the shores of Europe is on the rise again. Enforcement is stricter across the Mediterranean so other routes are getting busier. Bruno Boelpaep reports on a tragedy at sea and a moving reunion. There are fewer than a dozen left and they risk getting tangled in the nets cast out for fish.

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Linda Pressly saw the pressures at work in the town of San Felipe. And a historic collection of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture is back on public view for the first time in decades.

The new display of the Torlonia marbles delighted David Willey, who has lived in Rome for nearly fifty years. He remembers them looking rather different… Producer: Polly Hope. Mark Tully was born in India in and reported from across the subcontinent for the BBC for many years - working as the chief of its Delhi bureau for some of that time.

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The government has agreed to lift some restrictions for vaccinated people. But the new social divide between the vaxxed and the un-vaxxed is sparking some awkward new emotions — and some new German words to describe them. Damien McGuinness reports from Berlin. During the last twenty years, a new generation of Afghan girls have grown up aspiring to work outside the home — some even daring to start up their own businesses.

But the past year has been tough for them, and there are fears of what increased Taliban influence may mean for their enterprises.

Charlie Faulkner met one young woman wondering how long she can stay afloat. The Galapagos Islands off Ecuador are a showcase of marine life in all its variety - but the country's fishing fleets are fuming over plans to extend the limits of environmental protection zones. Dan Collyns examines the delicate balance between saving the fishing industry and protecting the planet.

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And in the week that France commemorated one of its greatest sons — Napoleon Bonaparte, who died years ago - Julia Buckley gleans some personal insights into the man behind the myth in an unexpectedly intimate museum of his belongings in the Dordogne. Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was caught out when an interview meant for the archive of a state-sponsored think-tank found its way to the media. Jeremy Bowen explains what it revealed about how the country really works.

It has been three weeks since the volcano in St Vincent, La Soufriere, erupted. Ash rained down on the northern part of the island; more than a tenth of its people had to to shelter elsewhere and most crops have been ruined. Will Grant reached the red zone and saw how much needs to be rebuilt. Jane Chambers detects some disillusion in Santiago.

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The self-declared Islamic State attracted around 40, foreign fighters to its territory, and many brought wives and children with them. Josh Baker spent years following the story of one American woman who travelled to Syria with her husband, taking her young son, Matthew, too.

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The boy survived more than two and a half years there and is now back in the US. Tracking him down took Josh to several unexpected places along the way. On trade, diplomacy and military matters the superpowers are at odds; they still have entirely different visions of the world and its future.

Celia Hatton explores how the promises were hammered out and what it means for the rest of the planet. But Covid cases and deaths have soared.

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The surge in patient s, and severe shortages of oxygen, have overwhelmed the health system in some places. In Delhi, Rajini Vaidyanathan sensed a marked shift in mood.

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Its President Jair Bolsonaro has scoffed at the virus, and clashed repeatedly with regional governors who wanted to impose stricter lockdowns and other measures. In the northeastern town of Lencois, Richard Lapper gauges the political fallout. Thousands of people gathered last week calling for the release of opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Idriss Deby, leader of Chad for more than 30 years, embodied the African "military strongman" until his death, apparently in the thick of fighting with rebels.

The son of a herdsman, he faced down many uprisings and regional crises and was often considered an indispensable ally by the West in stopping jihadist groups in the Sahel. Andrew Harding considers the dilemmas he's left behind. Producer: Polly Hope. The Taliban are in control of large parts of the country, running a parallel administration. Secunder Kermani visited a Taliban-controlled zone in Balkh province to hear how Talib commanders and fighters have reacted to the American plan.

Russia seems to be concentrating military resources along its border with Ukraine, but why? And how can or should Ukraine prepare to respond?

Jonah Fisher has been to the trenches and artillery-damaged villages of eastern Ukraine and sensed a nervy game of 'wait and see'. The city of Minneapolis has been at the centre of continuing debate over race, crime and policing in the United States. Just as the world's media moved in to cover the trial of Derek Chauvin over the death of George Floyd innews came on Sunday of the death of Daunte Wright, aged 20, shot and killed by a police officer.

Larry Madowo reflects on how much anger and sadness there is to go around. Tensions have risen recently over an outcrop called Whitsun Reef.

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Howard Johnson reports on the latest chapter of a long dispute. And Joe Myerscough reveals what it's like to travel in the shadow of Greta Thunberg.

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While filming with one of the world's youngest and best-known climate activists, he saw her dealing with the demands of a global public image as well as fighting global climate change. But that royal family has rifts of its own and they burst into full view in recent weeks, as a public feud broke out between King Abdullah and his half-brother, the former Crown Prince Hamza. In Rwanda, a man once seen around the world as a hero is now standing trial accused of terrorism. Paul Rusesabagina, a former hotel manager, sheltered hundreds of people from the killers during the genocide.

But he became a critic in exile of the government of Rwanda's President, Paul Kagame - and apparently a target for Rwandan intelligence. Michaela Wrong has spent years investigating the complex background to the wave. As the military crackdown on strikers and demonstrators goes on in Myanmar, journalists are also being targeted as they try and cover bose situation. Ben Dunant has just returned to the UK after years spent reporting in Myanmar and reflects on the prospects for the colleagues he left behind. As you might expect, the residents of Paris have been adult pained by the closure of their restaurants and cafes.

But for those in the know, radio were still some illicit ways to eat out: networks of private dining rooms and functions. Joanna Robertson reports. How will her party, the CDU, campaign during this autumn's general election - is it possible the next Chancellor could be a Green? Jenny Hill swingers from Berlin on power struggles middlesboro dating opinions.

While the Christian Democrats confront their future, the German state is still carrying on talks with the government of Namibia about its colonial past. Land rights, official apologies and reparations have all been discussed. So has the treatment of the Herero and Nama peoples in the early s, which some historians now consider "the first genocide of the 20th century".

Tim Whewell met black and white Namibians still viewing their heritage though very different lenses. In Armenia the public mood is mutinous, in the aftermath of the most recent round of conflict over Nagorno Karabakh.

A ceasefire agreement is holding, but there's grief and anger on the streets of Yerevan. Mark Stratton has friends in the disputed territory and hoped to revisit them, to see how they had survived the fighting. Millions of people in Iranian and Kurdish communities around the world recently celebrated Nowruz - the Persian New Year, a joyful festival full of the symbolism of rebirth. But it's enjoyed particularly passionately in the ancient town of Akre in the Zagros mountains in northern Iraq.

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Leila Molana Allen climbed its stone ramparts and steep hillsides to witness the spectacle.