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When it comes to romantic relationships and dating enfj can often respond differently. They have their own ways of processing their feelings, as well as unique goals they have for their relationships. Not everyone flirts the same, but sometimes these specific traits can be connected to dating type and how people naturally respond in these situations. When it comes to relationships most ENFJs care deeply about finding someone special to share themselves with. They are outgoing people who want to be able to connect with others and so often romance is important to them and well. They do enjoy connecting with others and are naturally rather social people.


ENFJs are energetic, compassionate and make wonderful partners.

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They value their love relationships highly, seeking to have long-term committed ones over short term flings. ENFJs put their partners before themselves. As long as their partners are happy, ENFJs feel happy and fulfiled. This wonderful quality of the ENFJ means that their partners always feel protected and well cared for. However, ENFJs have to watch out for their own needs and assert them if necessary.

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If not, the relationship might end up becoming lopsided with the ENFJ doing all the giving and their partners doing all the taking. ENFJs understand human nature well. They are then quick to show compassion and empathy, help their partners see through the problem by encouragement or affrimation.

Enfj compatibility for relationships and dating

Besides being good listeners, ENFJs are good at expressing their passionate thoughts and emotions accurately too. They make good persuasive speeches and often get their way because of their strong ability to influence through the spoken word.

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Partners often admire this trait of the ENFJ — confidence and poise. This expression of self comes to a roadblock when the ENFJ knows that the asserting of their needs may cause a conflict. Make no mistake, ENFJs are principled and opinionated.

Enfj flirting & dating: how to attract an enfj

They have a strong idea of right and wrong. However, to avoid conflict, they may put aside these principles, suppress their unhappiness in order to preserve the harmony in the relationship. Their unsuspecting datings may think that everything is going fine, whereas a lot is brewing under the surface. ENFJs are also highly sensitive to criticism. A well-meaning relationship who points out a fault may be intepreted in the worst light by the ENFJ.

ENFJs are big lovers who enjoy big expressions and love. They enjoy anything from a big bouquet of flowers, or an elegant dinner with a good enfj.

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However, the most important thing behind all these is the thought. Whether gifts or parties, ENFJs want to know that their partners put considerable thought into it. Verbal strokes are appreciated too.

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They will ensure chores like paying the bills, taking care of the children and buying groceries are done properly. While they may not fixated their mind on saving a few dollars, but they will have a well-thought out budget that considers both short-term needs and long-term goals.

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Conflict is a necessary for partners to negotiate their needs with each other. It is the process for you and your partner to learn about each other. So rather than seeing conflict endangering a relationship, see it as a trust building growth process. Similar to above, you need to assert your needs. Start by making it a habit to state your needs. Your desire to create the perfect relationship may cause you to be overprotective or even manipulative.

Your intentions are pure; you want to protect and care for your partner.

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Give space. Resist the temptation to mother your partner. It will make for a healthy relationship of equals — and in the end, both of you will be happier too. The truth is, they really enjoy knowing that you appreciate their effort and thoughtful acts. Remind them again and again that the things they do matter a lot to you and that you love them for that.

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You actually have to be interested in them enough for them to reveal to you their needs or desires. So ask them.

Romantic relationships

Show genuine interest and listen patiently to their sharing. At first, ENFJs will brush off your dating to meet their and, but you just have to keep pressing for them to relent, and receive your act of relationship. ENFJs are sensitive to negative feedback. They tend to overthink what you say and even extrapolate or exaggerate the meaning of your words. So, you have to take extra care about how you give criticism. Use the sandwich principle: start by enfj and appreciating them first, and then delivering the negative feedback gently.

Then, close off the conversation by saying how much you appreciate them.

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ENFJs have big and lofty dreams. Sometimes, they give up those dreams to make the relationship with you the best one possible.

Here’s the kind of relationship each myers-briggs type thrives in

ENFJs tend to be happiest when they can live an external life aligned with their values. They both prefer Intuition Nwhich makes communication more straightforward and less chance enfj misunderstanding. ENFJs, however, tend not to communicate honestly when they feel offended or slighted. They keep the offences inside to avoid conflict and prefer just to sweep it all away, hoping that the offenses will cure itself.

ENFJs can learn to speak up and assert themselves if they dating offended or slighted so that their partners learn and adjust themselves too. ENFJs idealise their relationships and will put a lot of effort into making and relationship the ideal one that they have conceived in their he. Their desire for perfection may mean that they will constantly be striving for perfection and improvements. To this end, they can be deemed as either relationship and unyielding or stubborn and inflexible.

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ENFJs can do better if they adopt a third-party, objective point of view to look at situations to appreciate an opposing point of view, say from their partners. ENFJs feel most loved when their partners appreciate them for their kindness and consideration for others, and also take the time to get to know their often deep and spiritual selves which may be complex and mysterious.

Enfj relationship compatibility with all types

Their partners can show these actions through writing love notes, speaking words of affirmation to them and spending quality time with the ENFJ to get to know them deeper. However, their desire to make the relationship a good one will cause them to be helpful in the household to take care of everyday tasks like household chores, paying the bills and buying the groceries.

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Although they are not too good with these routine activities, they do it to please their partners and to keep the household going. ENFJs are good money managers. Return to the 16 Types. Create New. Already have an ? In. Assert your own needs Similar to above, you need to assert your needs.

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Be careful not to suffocate your partner Your desire to create the perfect relationship may cause you to be overprotective or even manipulative. Be gentle with criticism ENFJs are sensitive to negative feedback. Encourage their dreams ENFJs have big and lofty dreams. Loving their Partners ENFJs, however, tend not to communicate honestly when they feel offended or slighted. The Ideal Partner?

The enfj romantic relationships

Welcome to Personality Central Please to your. Forgot Password? Good listeners Will meet their partners needs Go all out to care and protect their partners Loyal and committed to long-term relationship Encouraging and affirming.

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The ENFJ personality type is probably one of the most romantic of all the sixteen types more on that here.


People of the following types are more likely than most to share the ENFJ's values, interests, and general approach to life.


People who share the Protagonist personality type feel most at home when they are in a relationship, and few types are more eager to establish a loving commitment with their chosen partners.


ENFJs put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into their relationships.