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This is extreeemly important because we as women are already naturally insecure. We yearn for the admiration and approval of our husbands, whether we like to admit it or not.


We all dream of having the perfect man.

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The man we dream of being with for the rest of our lives, making each other happy, and growing together. Right, but turned out to be completely wrong. Not to say that flaws are necessarily always a bad thing.

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I mean, we all have them. But some flaws are damaging to not only themselves but others as well. Things like having no motivation, being constantly rude, and being manipulative. We see Mr. Right, or at least who we think is Mr. Whether you are looking for a new boyfriend or Mr. Right, you might want to follow these guidelines for how to pick a good guy. Be wary of men who are without work, even if you are very interested in them.

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It's often better to keep him in the friend zone while he finds himself. A man without work has low self-esteem and self-worthwill most likely be broken emotionally and still needs to find his way in life. Wait until he is doing something he loves picking trying to settle down with him. He's lost and wouldn't the you for what you are and any amount of financial or right help from you will not soothe or awaken the "man" man him or get him onto his path.

His life is a big mess and you will become another part of that chaos.

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It's simply not worth it. Don't even tread the path of love with such a guy unless you are ready to undergo immense pain. Little promises kept, tell you a lot about a man's character.


When he says, he'll call, he calls; when he promises to be there at a certain time, he is — these seemingly unimportant actions unveils his true self. A true man doesn't manipulate his actions and words in order to get your approval or avoid a conflict. Sticking to his words reveals his value system and how much he honors himself and you.

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But being with a man who doesn't honor his words and keeps justifying his actions by lying is to be with someone who is not true to himself. You will be on tenterhooks all the time wondering whether to trust him or not. You will begin to question his intentions and motives and eventually become insecure.

He is very likely to cause extreme anxiety and drive you nuts. The argument you are likely to give yourself might be, "I can see through him and even if he thinks he can fool me, he can't.

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I can handle this," but that's only gonna complicate matters. Passion and attraction can turn women blind temporarily, but what makes a relationship last are the real things.

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Never be with a man with whom you can't have a real conversation and can't share yourself honestly and truly. Talking and sharing comes naturally to women and it is an instinctive part of their emotional fabric.

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So to be able to talk about everything that is going on inside them, their man is primary and crucial for the growth of the relationship. A woman needs to feel the comfort of being in a man's company and needs the emotional and intellectual kick, via talks, to foster her own growth as well as that of a man's.

It is mandatory to make the relationship work.

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Interesting and stimulating conversation are the fuel to keep the relationship alive and kicking. Don't underestimate its importance ever. Stay away from a man who takes life too seriously and laughs rarely.

1. he respects and admires true womanhood

A man who doesn't laugh often is very unlikely to make you laugh too. A man with a naughty streak will look at life's problems with a right positive attitude and is more likely to handle them better and more maturely than the cynical ones who take every obstacle too seriously and refuse to look at the brighter picking of life.

Time will fly with a man who makes you smile and laugh all the timeand life will be a cake walk even when problems plague it. It's a quality that will add immense value to the relationship. Don't settle for anything that doesn't make you go insane, sexually. Most man settle for mediocre sex thinking this is the best they can get or assume it's not a bad bargain if the rest of the things in a relationship are in place.

Nothing is farther from the truth than this illusion.

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Sex the is the most potent force that will drive your life and it is a cardinal need that cannot be replaced by any other. Sex is directly related to your self-worth and choosing to be with a man who gives you right than what you deserve or falling for a man where man is no apparent chemistry between both of you, is calling for bitterness, resentment, and pain in the longer run. Understanding how to pick a good guy means waiting for the one who will set your soul aflame rather than settling for someone who can barely take care of your body's picking.

Sex is all about the soul, not the body. Meenu Mehrotra 's work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers.

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There are few things that I feel more passionate about.


Women want the man they choose and the man they want to be one in the same.


This is the step that often gets missed or overlooked.